April 19, 2016

The Jean Jacket

The hunt for the perfect jean jacket, aka the last 12 months of my life. A great denim jacket has always held a special place in my style psyche, but I probably haven't owned one since I was a child, when the 90's demanded everyone own a jean jacket. This is one of my favorite trends to resurface in recent seasons, but as a tall, picky girl on a budget, this was no easy item for me to acquire. It took lots of internet searching and exasperated moments in department store aisles to find "the one". But boy did I find it! This Old Navy denim passed my two most important requirements: its made of a soft, medium washed denim, and, it fits. Both of which, are no small victory, and trust me as someone who has tried on piles of denim this past year. Finding jackets (on a budget) has always been a struggle for me, and I often end up buying in the men's section just for fit. I have never been a fan of the shorter waist jacket trend, and I need to be able to actually move my arms while wearing something (go figure, right?). And this jacket actually has sleeves long enough for my giant wingspan, hurray! I also do not like "dirty denim", or the light wash that you often see that has a yellowish, worn look to it. I knew I would want to wear my jacket with dresses or office outfits, so a medium wash was a must and will keep this piece super versatile.

Jean Jacket and Shift Dress, Old Navy // Earrings, Poe & Arrow // Purse, TJ Maxx // Booties, Nordstrom Rack

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