September 16, 2016

FASHION X DALLAS 2016: Style Recap

Last weekend was an absolute whirlwind of fashion. Fashion X Dallas made its way to my city for its third annual fashion show, which features a mixture of up-and-comers, Dallas and Austin favorites, and Project Runway All Stars smashed into three fabulous nights. If you follow me on Instagram (and you really if you're reading this and you don't, are we even friends?) then you saw my front row looks each night. I got a lot of love for each look, so I wanted to put all the lovely details on the blog for everyone to go forth and shop! A big event like this can seem suuuuuper daunting when trying to plan looks, and its easy to get overwhelmed and feel the need to purchase a whole new wardrobe. But one of the things I love about all of these looks is: they are front-row photog worthy, and were all RIDICULOUSLY on sale! 

NIGHT 1 // Thursday night events are always tricky for me, because I am often coming straight from work. So I needed something to be comfy all day and that wouldn't look like I had been sitting in it for 12 hours. This romper gave me major Zenon vibes, but I was super unsure about it when I stumbled upon it on the sale rack at JCPennys. What convinced me to try it on? THE $10 PRICE TAG OF COURSE. You read that right! And once I had it on, I was so presently surprised. The extended torso and longer lenght short were super flattering, and the pussy-bow detail at the neck was so unique and classy. But with all that said, the part of the outfit I was most stocked about was the shiniest of all shiny clutches. I found this beauty, once again, in the clearance section, at TJ Maxx, and I honestly thought the price tag was a mistake. This clutch, this $300, Milly clutch, MILLY...was $5. Sometimes guys, I am impressed with my own skills. This is one of those times.

NIGHT 2 // This look, was my personal favorite of all three nights, and it was the last one planned. I lusted over this bomber/skirt set on ASOS for a good month before finally purchasing it (and all together it was only $50, but I have commitment issues) and boyyyyy am I glad I did. I can't wait to wear these pieces as separates all season long, and this peachy color goes so well with my favorite fall colors of olive green and deep maroon. I also might do a little beauty/makeup post soon because this maroon smokey eye is my absolute new favorite thing. And the bejeweled and sequined chocker, was just the cherry on top of a perfect outfit.

NIGHT 3 // For the finale night, I of course decided to go out in a blaze of sequined glory because...why not! There are few things I love more than being covered in sequins. This dress was another sale score, ringing it at under $40 at the time I purchased it. Eloquii has been very hit or miss for me in my experiences. I have a couple of pieces like this dress, that I love and become instant favorites in my closet. And other times, what I receive is nothing like what I was expecting/fits weird/looks totally different than the picture. But what I will say, is they know how to throw a sale. So if you're thinking of trying them out, go for a clearance piece or take advantage of one of their flash sales, and pick out a higher-end piece that you wouldn't normally splurge on. Side note, I LOVE the jersey details on the arms and neck, it makes a sparkly piece that would traditionally feel more formal and feminine, so much more modern and wearable.

- - - -

For a full recap of the fashions I witnessed on and off the runway, check out this post I wrote for Suburban Style Magazine, on their blog and on stands soon!

Star Romper, JCP // Earrings and Shoes, ASOS // Glitter Lip, Urban Decay // Luminescent Clutch, Milly via TJ Maxx

Matching Bomber and Pencil Skirt with Sheer Detailing, ASOS // Shoes, ASOS // Fur Clutch, Carlos Santana via DSW // Leather Bralette, Express // Bejeweled Chocker, Baublebar // Nude Lip, Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K and Like Gloss // Smokey Maroon Eye, Limecrime Venus Pallete

Striped Sequin Dress, Eloquii // Earrings, Rebecca Minkoff // Earcuffs, F21 // YEAH Clutch, Torrid // Metallic Shoes, Nordstrom Rack

August 10, 2016

Rebel Girl

My favorite looks will always be ones that showcase my edgy rock and roll persona (LOL who am I kidding) while letting the super girly-girl inside of me peek out. Thankfully, the fashion industry is changing, and we are seeing more and more plus size collabs hit stores. Rebel Wilson's spring line with Torrid was one of my faves, because not only was it filled with super cheeky pieces like this "Rebel Love" set (yes, thats a pencil skirt and crop top, so let the mixing and matching begin!), but everything was so on trend and edgier than most celebs are willing to put out into the style world.

Confession: Whenever I wear either of these pieces, the soundtrack to my day is basically a giant loop of Rebel Rebel and Rebel Girl. But here's to being the queen of your own world, rebel girls.

Matching Skirt and Crop Set and Rings, Torrid // Earrings, H&M // Shoes, ASOS (old) // Purse, Rebecca Minkoff via TJ Maxx // Lipstick, Urban Decay Vice

July 20, 2016

Buy The Shoes

One of my favorite mottos in life is the sentiment to "eat the cookie, buy the shoes". This mantra rings especially true when life starts to feel as heavy as the summer sun. So how do you deal? Well if you're me, you buy the fun ASOS shoes that are on sale, and eat cake for breakfast and just LIVE YOUR LIFE. Put on a summer-y dress that's maybe too short, add some pops of color, do your hair for the first time in weeks, and wear that lipstick you think is too shimmery.

Sometimes life is tough. We live in a world filled with conflict, and hate, and just all-around negativity, which often times if you're like me leaves you feeling like there's nothing you can do to make a difference. So in light of the darkness that surrounds us, here's a few of my personal suggestions for spreading help and happiness:

  • GIVE BACK // Following the #treatyoself vibes, what's better than getting something pretty for yourself or your friends AND supporting a worthy cause at the same time?? I recently discovered Bracha (use code Madi10 for a special discount!), a local jewelry brand that donates a portion of every sale to help stop the spread of human trafficking. Did you know that there are more slaves in the United States today than when slavery was legal? Yeah, lets do something about that.
  • SPREAD LOVE // Few things have ever made me happier in my life than receiving an unexpected piece of mail. As a youth of the now forgotten note-passing generation, some cute stationary and doodled font still makes me giddy. More Love Letters was started by girl who simply wanted to spread happiness to strangers, and that's something I can get behind. Check out how to join the letter writing fun here.
  • DO YOUR PART // As someone who was literally walking distance from the Dallas tragedy mere weeks ago, I can attest to the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that follows after seeing your city shaken. And I find myself feeling like I am just one person who can't really make a difference. But we should all feel the call to action, even if it's simply giving out hugs. These videos bring me to tears, hope they give you some hope today too.

Dress, Old Navy // Lariat Necklace, Bracha // Lace-up Flats, ASOS // Metallic Purse, DSW // Eye Ring, Baublebar // Metallic Lip, Kylie Metallics

June 22, 2016


If I could paint a world for myself, it would be varying shades of olive green and blush pink (with black and grey accents of course). Lately I have just been so inspired by this color combo: its versatility in pieces for every occasion, the relevancy it keeps throughout every season, and how both colors seems to work as neutrals, complementing everything I can pair them with, including each other. I love a good long-line duster and found this vest at Target, and actually bought a romper of the same style. I went back and forth between this one and a more army-esque style, but decided the lighter weight of this fabric would be ideal for summer layering. My work and casual wear are almost one in the same, and thankfully for me, the athlesure of fashion seems to be sticking around, so you will consistently find me pairing dresses with my most comfortable kicks; these Nike Freeforms literally feel like walking on air. This dress is easily going to be one of my most worn pieces in my closet now, as Old Navy continues to kill the fast fashion game. The midi length adds an element of class that seemlessly took me from work, to a coffee date, and then out to an evening social event. And the ribbed t-shirt texture is so comfortable while still showing off my curves.

On a side note, I always take advantage of the warmer/ridiculously humid temps to go a little less high-maintenance with my hair. And with that, I think I'm finally finding my stride with this whole baby-bun thing. Riveting, I know.

Longline Vest, Target // Midi T-shirt Dress, Old Navy // Shoes, Nike // Lip Color, Kylie Matte Lipkit in Dolce K // Purse, TJ Maxx // Black puff, Torrid

May 31, 2016

Showing Shoulder

I'm usually not a fan of upcoming summer trends. It is definitely my least favorite season, just consult the severe sunburn on my neck and shoulders if you're unsure why that is. But with that, I have not been this excited for two trends in a very long time, so I threw them together in one festival-tastic outfit. I present to you, the off-the-shoulder top and cage bra.

The off-the-shoulder trend has been sweeping across the nation like wild fire! And there are varying styles that can be found to flatter all body types and tastes. And a cannot say enough about cage bras. I own... a ridiculous number of them at this point, and it is becoming a problem. But I LOVE THEM! They are comfy, add an edge that I love, and instantly make even the most comfy and simple of outfits a little extra fashion-y. 

And the best thing about these, they are perfect festival attire! I know I'll be rocking at least one of these trends this weekend at the Bulladora music festival in Uptown. The best in indie and alternative music, local designers and artists, hot air balloon rides, and a pug petting zoo... umm YEAH, I am so there! Who else will be joining me? Let's kick of the summer in style.

Off the Shoulder Blouse, F21+ // Jeans and Fringe Bag, d.jeans via TJ Maxx // Sandals, Nine West via Nordstrom Rack // Cage Bra, LF Dallas // Flower Earrings, ASOS // Ear cuff, L.Bartlett

April 19, 2016

The Jean Jacket

The hunt for the perfect jean jacket, aka the last 12 months of my life. A great denim jacket has always held a special place in my style psyche, but I probably haven't owned one since I was a child, when the 90's demanded everyone own a jean jacket. This is one of my favorite trends to resurface in recent seasons, but as a tall, picky girl on a budget, this was no easy item for me to acquire. It took lots of internet searching and exasperated moments in department store aisles to find "the one". But boy did I find it! This Old Navy denim passed my two most important requirements: its made of a soft, medium washed denim, and, it fits. Both of which, are no small victory, and trust me as someone who has tried on piles of denim this past year. Finding jackets (on a budget) has always been a struggle for me, and I often end up buying in the men's section just for fit. I have never been a fan of the shorter waist jacket trend, and I need to be able to actually move my arms while wearing something (go figure, right?). And this jacket actually has sleeves long enough for my giant wingspan, hurray! I also do not like "dirty denim", or the light wash that you often see that has a yellowish, worn look to it. I knew I would want to wear my jacket with dresses or office outfits, so a medium wash was a must and will keep this piece super versatile.

Jean Jacket and Shift Dress, Old Navy // Earrings, Poe & Arrow // Purse, TJ Maxx // Booties, Nordstrom Rack

April 4, 2016

Navy Days

I recently had happen to me what is every true shoppers worst nightmare: my closet collapsed. And I don't just mean that a rack tipped over, no no. I mean the main shelf buckled under the weight of my AMAZING STYLE AND SHOPPING ABILITIES (and some shoddy apartment-living craftsmanship) and an avalanche of clothes and shoes tumbled out in what is now referred to as "The Great Crash of 2016". It was bad. So in light of this tragic event, a major closet renovation and impending clean-out was called for. And in doing so, I found out that precisely one-third of my wardrobe is made up of dresses. Even though this wasn't a particularly shocking find for me, it definitely amused me, as someone who until college only wore dresses to dances, weddings, and award ceremonies. But the right dress should easily be the most versatile, most loved, most worn item in your closet.

Navy is going to be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe, starting now. As a lover and owner off massive amounts of black clothing, navy is the perfect, lighter, softer alternative for spring. And can we talk about these INSANE earrings? They are made of giant sequins and beads, and my extreme love for them is prompting a major jewelry re-evaluation for me. Special pieces only, the rest goes. I also battled the basic white girl in me over my desires for white Chucks for months. As you can see, I gave in, but with an all leather pair, because I have to maintain some level of uniqueness. Not to mention, I am in LOVE with them and will be wearing them alllll summer long.

Sweater dress, Nordstrom Rack // White Leather high top, Converse via DSW // Metallic Bag, Aldo // Purple Puff key chain, Nordstrom // Sequin Earrings, ASOS