September 15, 2015

Just Call me Sporty Spice


But you guys already knew that. I would love to tell you some very detailed tale of how these past 3 blog-silent months I've been living off the grid, or traveling the globe in a hot air balloon, but... it's the same old blogger's struggle as per usual. That being: I got busy, bored, tired, uninspired and was too hot to function this summer. And now I'm starting to feel like I can finally breathe (figuratively and literally, June-August in Dallas is no joke, ok?). 
This wall was the first thing to inspire a new photo shoot out of me in months. And dangerously so, because I first viewed this from an over pass on a monster highway. Swerving may have been involved. 

I wouldn't say that my style is evolving into that of a grown up, because I can't exactly make that argument while wearing a choker that I also don in my 1st grade yearbook photo. But I will say, my wardrobe has become much more simple. I've come to really appreciate the sophistication of a neutral color palette, and have been spending a lot of my days in nothing but varying shades of black, white and grey. I highly recommend it.
And if you aren't all utilizing this here-to-stay trend of sports-wear as work-wear, then I don't have anything else to say to you.

Jersey Tee, Target // Skater Skirt, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Woven Bangle, JCrew