June 30, 2015

Suit Up

Forget the summer's of maxi dresses, I am total jumpsuit convert now. 

I've always loved the way a jumpsuit looks, on other people. Chalk it up to the tall/curvy girl struggle, but I just could never get one in my closet. I lusted after them, picked them out for my friends, and put them on my best dressed list; body-less jumpsuits dancing through my dreams. But for a body type like mine, all legs and hips, finding the right jumpsuit fit is no small feat. I donned my first jumpsuit this past winter on a total whim, aka a huge ASOS sale where they practically give things away. And boy was I in for it. The fit was perfect for my body: a low sitting waistband to even out my proportions, and a long, tailored leg. None of them wide-legged onsies here. Am I the only one that feels like I should be under a big-top tent in on of those? So once I found a shape that worked for me, my jumpsuit confidence went through the roof! But even after stumbling upon this beauty at TARGET (yes, Target. And not even plus.), it just had too many wonderful qualities for me to pass up. The number one issue in my fashion life has always been length. Shocker, I know. But looky here! Pants that actually hit my ankles! Its a jumpsuit miracle! 

Needless to say, I would pretty much sleep in this thing if I could. Its soft and sporty, but simply chic, and so breezy for these hot Dallas summer days. 
Sorry maxi's, we had a good run.

Jumpsuit, Target // Metallic Sandal, ASOS // Snakeskin Bucket Bag, Nine West via DSW // Earrings, Rebecca Minkoff via TJ Maxx

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