June 16, 2015

Matchy Matchy

Remember the days of isolating a matching outfit into "separates"? Yeah, those days are gone.

Also fading into a memory are the mom-targeted LOFT days of basic trousers and boring blouses. I can't tell you how many puzzled looks I got after spilling that THIS IS FROM LOFT. Almost as many coveting looks I received via this very arts-and-crafts inspired choker via Old Navy: they're stepping up their game y'all! Take notice!

I can already tell that I am headed down the path of a very black and white summer. It's simple, it's chic, and all with very little effort on my part (can I get an amen?). For a long time in the history of style, women were told to dress in prints "that didn't overwhelm their size". Meaning tall/curvy women, wear small prints to appear more petite, and small sisters could get away with bolder prints because they wouldn't seem as "loud"...Excuse me, what? Why would we try to look like anything but ourselves? How about we wear whatever the heck we want? And how about I embrace my giant-status and just agree to the fact that I am going to stand out like a flashing neon sign regardless of what I wear? Buh-bye.

So I say, wear what you like, and go for the bold, boldly.

Matching Skirt and Blouse, LOFT // Woven Choker, Old Navy // Metallic Purse, Aldo via DSW

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