May 1, 2015

The eShakti Experience

It's no secret that I often have a tough time finding clothes that fit me. Being 6'2 and plus size doesn't exactly translate into "off the rack" fashion. Over the years, I have learned ways around this and how to make do with what I have. But I distinctly remember the years of spending hours in dressing rooms, in tears, trying on thing after thing that didn't fit me correctly. I still tend to try things on and make my own little edits. "This would be so great if they just lowered the hem/raised this waist/lengthened this sleeve" and so on. 

When I first checked out, I was more than a little skeptical. A clothing site that claims customers can alter and modify any purchase, add their specific measurements for a perfect fit, and at no extra cost? I'm no fool! That just sounded too good to be true. So in my efforts to test the system, I went for a maxi dress. My fellow tall girls can understand the significance of this choice. I have never, EVER found a maxi dress in a store that was actually long enough for me. So I typed in my height, and crossed my fingers. 

As you can see, what I received was not only fitting, but was even long enough to wear with a wedge! Unheard of. The dress was perfectly fitted to me, and the material was even more luxurious than what I was expecting. I can honestly say I cannot wait to try more customizable pieces from eShakti! The possibilities are endless, and nothing feels better than wearing something that simply fits.

Visit eShakti to try your hand and customizing something just for you, and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some inspiration.

Maxi Dress, eShakti // Earrings, Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack // Clutch, DSW

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