May 13, 2015

Make Me Blush

When I saw this skirt at Nordstrom Rack, I snatched it up like it was on fire. I also may or may not have bought this purse at the same time and didn't plan on pairing the two until I saw them in the bag together. 

This outfit really just encompasses my blossoming (like the spring, get it ?) love of all things rose gold. And for the longest time, I strayed from blush because I always felt it kind of washed me out. Until I realized, it is the fabric version of rosy goldenness! Just dip me in it form head to toe and send me on my merry spring way.

Tip from me to you: when wearing the same color/shade all over, incorporate items that are of different textures. The shoes are suede, and the skirt is a thick perforated fabric while the blouse is sheer with flower appliqu├ęs. 

Blush Skirt, Nordstrom Rack // Blouse, F21 // Coral Heels, Target // Rose Gold Earrings, BCBG // Purse, Nordstrom Rack

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