April 27, 2015

Bicycle Club

I have such a difficult time print mixing. It is one fashion magic trick that I have never possessed, and I'm always so inspired by girls who looks they literally just throw together things without a thought. THAT IS NOT ME. Everything requires so much thought for me. I actually make lists of potential outfits guys...I'm ridiculous. 

But when I found this print in my favorite Old Navy Pixie pants, I was determined to dust off my print mixing "skills". My tips for print mixing is, keep it simple. Especially for us tall/curvy gals, I try to keep the prints small and noncompeting. This bicycle shirt is so playful, and is a graphic print that compliments (not contrasts) from the happy polka dot pants. And it is spring after all! Have some fun with color and print, smell some flowers, live a little.

Pixie Pants, Old Navy // Bicycle Print Blouse, Macys // Bag, TJ Maxx // Flats, Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom Rack

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