March 4, 2015

The Pom Pom Jacket

When you enjoy shopping as much as I do, you learn real quick that bargain hunting is the only means for survival. My friends love to give me a hard time about the "excessive" amount of clothing I have. I mean, excessive? How can something I need for everyday of my life be had in excess? But, I always leave them eating their words with my closet version of The Price is Right. It's almost impossible to argue when something is $20 or 80% off. 

This jacket, is not one of those things. I didn't even get it slightly on sale. I walked into H&M, fell and love, and took this full-priced beauty straight to the checkout. Because while bargains are great, style has to be a balance. And I say if you find something that hits all your check points (which for me is uniqueness and versatility) then I say BUY IT. Life is too short to be haunted by all the great things you didn't buy, right?

And lets be real, this jacket is fabulous and I regret nothing. I mean it has little puff-ball pom-poms all over it.

Pom Pom Jacket, H&M // Pink Sweater, Old Navy // Tassel Chain, Van Husen Outlet // Oversized Clutch, wholesale market purchase // Black Pants, Democracy via Nordstrom Rack // Patent Cut-out Boots, NastyGal

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