January 2, 2015


I've never been much for New Years. Measuring the status of my life every 31st of December has just never held much significance. That's more along the lines of a birthday for me, recapping my life on my own clock's terms. Comparing where I am in that day to where I've been. But I will say, each January as I buy new calendars and relearn how to write out the date, I feel a stir of motivation. Not to the extent of "resolutions", let's not get crazy now. But more like, a fresh slate. Leave all of the previous year's hang ups, let downs, highs and lows. Like covering an old painting with a stark blob of expectant white. You can't erase what's underneath. You know it's there, though no one else remembers at this point. And even though it can't be seen anymore, it will (whether you want it to or not) determine what you choose to create next. 

Ok that was really sappy and pseudo-philisophical, but I think I made my point? 
My greatest fear has always been living a stagnant life. So here's to 2015, and a constantly changing existence. 

Color Block Dress, ASOS // Houndstooth Coat, Jones New York via Ross // Gold Hoops, 14th & Union // Suede Boots, Nine West via DSW // Purse, Olivia & Joy via TJMaxx