September 15, 2015

Just Call me Sporty Spice


But you guys already knew that. I would love to tell you some very detailed tale of how these past 3 blog-silent months I've been living off the grid, or traveling the globe in a hot air balloon, but... it's the same old blogger's struggle as per usual. That being: I got busy, bored, tired, uninspired and was too hot to function this summer. And now I'm starting to feel like I can finally breathe (figuratively and literally, June-August in Dallas is no joke, ok?). 
This wall was the first thing to inspire a new photo shoot out of me in months. And dangerously so, because I first viewed this from an over pass on a monster highway. Swerving may have been involved. 

I wouldn't say that my style is evolving into that of a grown up, because I can't exactly make that argument while wearing a choker that I also don in my 1st grade yearbook photo. But I will say, my wardrobe has become much more simple. I've come to really appreciate the sophistication of a neutral color palette, and have been spending a lot of my days in nothing but varying shades of black, white and grey. I highly recommend it.
And if you aren't all utilizing this here-to-stay trend of sports-wear as work-wear, then I don't have anything else to say to you.

Jersey Tee, Target // Skater Skirt, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Woven Bangle, JCrew

June 30, 2015

Suit Up

Forget the summer's of maxi dresses, I am total jumpsuit convert now. 

I've always loved the way a jumpsuit looks, on other people. Chalk it up to the tall/curvy girl struggle, but I just could never get one in my closet. I lusted after them, picked them out for my friends, and put them on my best dressed list; body-less jumpsuits dancing through my dreams. But for a body type like mine, all legs and hips, finding the right jumpsuit fit is no small feat. I donned my first jumpsuit this past winter on a total whim, aka a huge ASOS sale where they practically give things away. And boy was I in for it. The fit was perfect for my body: a low sitting waistband to even out my proportions, and a long, tailored leg. None of them wide-legged onsies here. Am I the only one that feels like I should be under a big-top tent in on of those? So once I found a shape that worked for me, my jumpsuit confidence went through the roof! But even after stumbling upon this beauty at TARGET (yes, Target. And not even plus.), it just had too many wonderful qualities for me to pass up. The number one issue in my fashion life has always been length. Shocker, I know. But looky here! Pants that actually hit my ankles! Its a jumpsuit miracle! 

Needless to say, I would pretty much sleep in this thing if I could. Its soft and sporty, but simply chic, and so breezy for these hot Dallas summer days. 
Sorry maxi's, we had a good run.

Jumpsuit, Target // Metallic Sandal, ASOS // Snakeskin Bucket Bag, Nine West via DSW // Earrings, Rebecca Minkoff via TJ Maxx

June 16, 2015

Matchy Matchy

Remember the days of isolating a matching outfit into "separates"? Yeah, those days are gone.

Also fading into a memory are the mom-targeted LOFT days of basic trousers and boring blouses. I can't tell you how many puzzled looks I got after spilling that THIS IS FROM LOFT. Almost as many coveting looks I received via this very arts-and-crafts inspired choker via Old Navy: they're stepping up their game y'all! Take notice!

I can already tell that I am headed down the path of a very black and white summer. It's simple, it's chic, and all with very little effort on my part (can I get an amen?). For a long time in the history of style, women were told to dress in prints "that didn't overwhelm their size". Meaning tall/curvy women, wear small prints to appear more petite, and small sisters could get away with bolder prints because they wouldn't seem as "loud"...Excuse me, what? Why would we try to look like anything but ourselves? How about we wear whatever the heck we want? And how about I embrace my giant-status and just agree to the fact that I am going to stand out like a flashing neon sign regardless of what I wear? Buh-bye.

So I say, wear what you like, and go for the bold, boldly.

Matching Skirt and Blouse, LOFT // Woven Choker, Old Navy // Metallic Purse, Aldo via DSW

May 22, 2015

All in the Details

You know when you have those moments that you're just so not interested by anything in your closet? This necklace snapped me out that real quick. I immediately loved he artsy-ness of the abstract painted face, and I certainly didn't mind the $10 TJ Maxx price tag! With this necklace in tow, I quickly started throwing together this outfit of gems that I'd been saving for "the perfect outfit". The modern grid print is huge trend right now, and I love how this scuba blazer makes the print a little less harsh by splitting it up into a black and whit color block. And how fancy is tho Target little black dress? The scalloped hem is so Audrey Hepburn classy, especially paired with some more trend-based items. There's nothing like an outfit full of special touches to really give your day an extra boost. That's really what I think personal style essential is: it's all in the special, unique details.

Grid Blazer, JCPenny // Scalloped Hem Dress, Target (old) // Abstract Face Pendant, Kate Spade // Rose Gold Watch, Fossil via TJ Maxx // Booties, 14th & Union via Nordstrom Rack // Pink Satchel Bag, Kate Spade

May 13, 2015

Make Me Blush

When I saw this skirt at Nordstrom Rack, I snatched it up like it was on fire. I also may or may not have bought this purse at the same time and didn't plan on pairing the two until I saw them in the bag together. 

This outfit really just encompasses my blossoming (like the spring, get it ?) love of all things rose gold. And for the longest time, I strayed from blush because I always felt it kind of washed me out. Until I realized, it is the fabric version of rosy goldenness! Just dip me in it form head to toe and send me on my merry spring way.

Tip from me to you: when wearing the same color/shade all over, incorporate items that are of different textures. The shoes are suede, and the skirt is a thick perforated fabric while the blouse is sheer with flower appliqu├ęs. 

Blush Skirt, Nordstrom Rack // Blouse, F21 // Coral Heels, Target // Rose Gold Earrings, BCBG // Purse, Nordstrom Rack

May 4, 2015

Sporty Spring

Welcome to Dallas, the land of the "one-month spring". With April out the window, the further we inch into May, the more real the threat of summer becomes. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good jean short as much as the next girl. But I have so much less fun with my wardrobe in the summer than I do the rest of the year. I love my layers! Bust out the jackets while you can, because this breezy 80 degree weather will soon be but a distant memory.

Sometimes making a sporty look into something that doesn't look like A) you just game from the gym or B) you should working on street art, is no easy task. Layers are a must to avoid this, along with the right balance of accessories. Introducing, the perfect shoe game to wrap it all together. I searched for these babies FOREVERRRR and could never find them in my size. Just more tall girl struggle. So now I refuse to take them off. I'm pretty sure I could rock a ball gown in these, right?

Palm Print Skirt, AVA and VIV for Target // Varsity Jacket, Old Navy // Striped Tee, Macys // Nike's via DSW // Earrings, TJ Maxx