April 30, 2014

Forever Fetch

So not only was yesterday the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls (didn't anyone else just feel themselves age?), but it fell...on a Wednesday. Tell me that no further emphasis or explanation is needed.

This was a great reason for me to go hunting for a perfect pink dress (like I really needed a reason) and showed me what little pink I have in my closet, which is just a shaaaame on my part. I loved how bright and "bubble-gum" this pink was, which is balanced out in the boxy style of this shift dress. It's a little shorter than I would normally go, but I couldn't pass up the unique asymmetrical detail in the front. And yes, those are lace trimmed shorts underneath! I've got some legs y'all, I have to take precautions. 

As silly as this might seem to some, Mean Girls has shaped my generation. I mean, can you imagine a life without "fetch"?? I sure don't want to. I remember seeing Mean Girls in the theatre and feeling super cool because my mom let me go before I was 13. And I just remember it being different than anything I had ever seen before. This would lead my best friend and I watching the DVD at every sleepover we ever had (and there's been a lot of sleepovers) to the point that we could most certainly recite it word for word. My high school notes on limits? A doodle of the math-lete competition. Yeah, you could say it was a pretty influential movie.

Pink Shift Dress, ASOS // Chain Necklace, H&M // White Stone Earrings, Lucky Brand // Purse, BCBG // Watch, Fossil // Booties, Guess via DSW

***thanks to Darren for going on a picture taking adventure with me...and rocking some pink***


  1. Super cool pics
    Awesome outfit too