February 24, 2014

Pin Show Paradise

Who doesn't love a fashion show? The Pin Show is a fabulous Dallas tradition of celebrating and showcasing up-and-coming local designers. This year's show took place in an incredible warehouse space in the Design District and was packed with Dallas's finest. I was beyond excited to hang with all of my favorite fashion friends and even got to sit front row, all while pretending to be ultra fabulous. 

I really love how this outfit came together, considering I threw it together at the last minute. The recent Peter Pilotto collection for Target really inspired me to work on my layering skills, and this simple lace tee fit seamlessly with this tropical print body-con. By layering a basic long sleeve shirt with a statement sleeveless dress, you can mix up your wardrobe and keep items fresh and relevant from season to season. Keeping with the futuristic vibe, I topped off my outfit with these fun metallic silver heels. Zetus lapetus, am I right?

Tropical Print Body-con Dress, Jcpennys // Black Lace Tee, Target (old) // Earrings, Francesca's // Silver Heels, Free Press

I had such a blast sitting front row with the rest of THE FASHIONISTAS... I'm not sure what I watched more- the show, or the crowd.

Congratulations to my friends Venny Etienne, Becky Hollands, Rusty Bell, and the other featured designers. Here's to another great Pin Show!

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