February 5, 2014

Don't Get Too Cozy

Lately I've noticed that all of my conversations begin, end, and revolve around that how tired we all are. How getting out of bed is an exercise in it's self, and we can't wait to come at night and curl into a ball under our "hide-from-the-world" blankets. And as a sat here willing myself to write a post and work and be productive, I thought...how sad is that. How sad is it that at 20 something years old, we have our whole lives ahead of us to live: And we would rather just eat a pizza in our sweats. We live in a completely jaded world, where people work half of their lives to get to their dream careers, and then spend the rest of their time complaining, about said life, that they worked and dreamed and aspired to! I often find myself surrounded by people who are just totally un-zested for life anymore. And it's easy to hop on that Debby Downer merry-go-round. I seriously complained about having so many responsibilities for an event this week...seriously? When do your "passions" start to turn into "tasks"? I could never have imagined this life for myself 3 years ago. But so often we get too caught up in our mess, to remember that we are blessed.  

Take a moment in your hectic, freezing day, to look around at your life. Because there is always something you can to choose to be happy about...even if it's simply a cute coat. 

Oversized Coat, ASOS (on sale now) // Grey Sweater, Kohls  // Polka Dot Pants, Old Navy // Collar Necklace, Target // Suede Wedges, DSW

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  1. Thanks so much for this insightful post. It's such a good reminder for me to treasure what I have.