February 26, 2014

Blue Knit

Apparently someone decided for it to still be winter...? I don't remember voting on that, but whatever. Not that I can complain, because in Dallas we're wearing bulky sweaters on a Wednesday and cut-offs by Saturday. I wish I was exaggerating. It was so cold on this day that we were literally brought to tears. But I know what your thinking, "And yet you're tights-less?!" Yes, yes I am. And coats still keep you warm tied around your waist, right?

I refuse to be bullied by the weather. 

Sweater, Old Navy (on clearance now for $10) // Necklace, Express // Jacket, ASOS // Stripe Skirt, Target // Boots, DSW

*** Props to my love Darren aka The Collared King for the awesome pics! And for not tracking dog poop into my car. ***

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