November 10, 2014

Style X Six

Do you dress your best everyday? Take a moment and really think about it...NO! Obvi right? You may think you do. You may get up each morning and put a great deal of thought into each and every outfit you wear. But it is not the best thing in your closet, back to back. That's just too much effort/planning/but I'm tired/good outfits need to be spaced out/I'm just so tired/look I'm a hobo one day and a model the next. This past week I almost died had the busiest fashion week of my life. I had to look what I call "photo ready cute", for six whole days in a row. I loved it, I hated it, it was quite the roller coaster of first world problems that in the end reminded me how much fun I have with my style. So here it is: from my bestie boo's birthday party, supporting United Way at a charity event, a 3-day Dallas fashion extravaganza, to my very own 22 birthday. I challenge you to try this for yourself for a week and see how it goes! But, proceed with caution.

- ONE -

Sweater, F21+ // Leather skirt, Eloqui // Boots, Chinese Laundry via DSW // Chain Bib, Baublebar

- TWO -

Oversized shirt (worn as a dress), INC at Macys // Knee high socks, H&M // Necklace, Anthropologie // Boots, Guess via DSW


Jersey dress, ASOS // Necklace, Nordstrom Rack // Boots, Chinese Laundry via DSW

- FOUR -

Hashtag sweater, H&M (mens) // Skirt, ASOS // Cutout boots, Nordstrom Rack

- FIVE -

Cape, New York & Company (old) // Jeweled leggings, ASOS // Wedges, DSW (old) // Necklace, Kendra Scott

- SIX -

Hat, Cotton On // Lion Dress, ASOS // Necklaces, Nordstrom Rack // Fringe Booties, DSW // Silver Bangle, Lucky Brand via TJ Maxx

October 6, 2014

B Side

I'm constantly trying to find this balance of classy grown up and a rocker princess. Some call this "a mix of edgy and sophisticated"...but whatever. Aren't we all just trying to cope with pretending to be an adult when all you want to do is cruise down an imaginary highway with the winds of possibilities in our perfectly messy hair? I think we are. My favorite trick for sneaky work comfort is a band tee with a fitted skirt. Something about this combination has always seemed so cool-girl trendy to be. Like you roll out of bed and didn't have time to change your shirt from the night before, or put on pants. I'm basically wearing pajamas, and that is the best form of (passive) rebellion I currently posses. 

T-shirt, Ring of Fire // Houndstooth skirt, Elle via Kohls // Jean jacket, ASOS // Sandals, Steve Madden via DSW

September 24, 2014

Shine Bright

Last week my bestie Mason and I ventured down the street to the J.Crew grand opening event at West Village. The store is beyond gorgeous, as were all the amazing fall fashions that lined the perfectly organized shelves. Anddd my never-ending wish list continues to grow...shocker I know.

I finally had the perfect occasion to bust out this beauty of a dress. I ordered this online from Old Navy for less than $20, and I honestly had no idea what I was going to get. To say I was pleasantly surprised, would be a complete understatement. This spaghetti strap shift dress is of a perfectly flowy chiffon, making it an ideal transition piece from season to season. This night I paired it with my go-to lace up Steve Maddens and my super chic oversized tuxedo vest, which I can't wait to wear in head-to-toe winter white. But this piece will also look effortless layered over a white tee or underneath a big cozy sweater. When I pulled this diamond dress from it's shipping prison, I couldn't believe that the subtle little design I loved on my computer screen were actually fully beaded! Such a nice little added touch that makes an outfit truly special.

Diamond beaded dress, Old Navy // White tuxedo vest, Target // Chain necklaces, Fossil & Cotton On // Purse, BCBG (old) // Booties, Nordstrom Rack

September 9, 2014

Goodbye Shorts

I can't seem to manage more than this these days, shorts and loose tops. It's (still) hot, and I'm over it. But thankfully...WE WILL SOON PUT THIS DREADFUL SUMMER WEATHER BEHIND US. The one summer look I will miss is exactly this. Lately I have been all about these shorts. They are the perfect fit and when paired with a nice blouse are perfect for work and plans afterward. I found this shirt while strolling through Macy's one day and immediately fell in love, because's perfect. 

Camera Print Blouse, Macy's // Black Shorts, Macy's // Navy Purse, Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack // Sandals, DSW // Shark Tooth Necklace, Nordstrom Rack // Gem Necklace, Kendra Scott // X Ring, New York and Company

August 19, 2014

Play Date

Excuse me while I go out and buy all matching separates now.

But really though, how fun is this?! I had my eye on these matching pieces from ASOS for months now. After seeing several other bloggers rocking the look, I strayed away. And truthfully, I also though that a 6 ft. and then some girl in an all over neon print might be a little scary. But you know I can't say no to a good sale, so here are. I dressed up the summer look a little more than what I had seen before by wearing it with some stretchy woven wedges and popped my favorite summer purse and turquoise earrings. I felt so fab and polished all day (once I got over the grown-up Granimals feelings) and will definitely be visiting this trend again soon. 

What's one of those trends that you just don't think you can pull off? Try it out; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Matching Top and Shorts Playsuit, ASOS // Earrings, Kendra Scott // Purse, Jessica Simpson // Wedges, Nordstrom Rack // Watch, Fossil // Silver Bracelet, Nordstrom Rack

July 29, 2014


Lately I've been feeling super buttoned up in a constant "work mode". A chunky heel and a great pencil skirt are fun and all, but I'm a total boho rocker at heart and I've just got to let it out you guys! 

I'm honestly not sure how I lived life pre-kimono. I really don't. They look great with my favorite cut-offs, a leather legging, or even a little black dress. It's easy, it's breezy, and makes me feel uuuber chic as it flows behind me walking through my parking garage. Fab life, I know. And I HAVE to dish on this amazing chain bib! I love a good chain or two, but for the longest time the only the only option I found was gold and a part for a certain e-tailer with a certain blogger turned pseudo reality star...yeah no thank you. So self high-five to me for finding this silver, less expensive version in a department store! Go team go.

Kimono, Nordstrom Rack // Chain Bib, Macy's // Layered Chains, Target // Tee, Old Navy // Cut-offs, F21 // White & Silver Sandals, Nordstrom Rack

July 17, 2014

Beauty Favorites: Summer

I have no shame in admitting that I am a total beauty junkie. I've never met a lipgloss I didn't like. That being said, I tend to rotate my "basics" quite a bit. Partially to because I get bored easily, but mainly because it seems like I can never find that perfect match. Until now that is. 

1. BareSkin by bareMinerals: For as long as I have been wearing makeup, I have been unhappy with my base. I've tried spray, mouse, tinted moisturizer, liquid and powder foundation in a variety of brands and prices. I would say that I have "trouble" skin: it's uneven in town, dry in places and slick with oil in others, and acne prone. bareMinerals had always been my skin's favorite, but the powder would be running down my face at the end of the day. And I am not about that re-applying life. Liquid looked better than anything else and gave me the coverage I wanted, but irritated by skin and caused breakout. Cut to bareMinerals first liquid foundation. I literally went on a wait list to get this stuff... it's that good. It doesn't contain any of the bad stuff your skin hates, but it powder-liquid formula applies light weight, soft to the touch, day-long full coverage. You just squeeze a few drops into their amazingly designed brush, and buff away. It's basically magic.

2. NYX HD Studio Translucent Finishing Powder: I use to this products like this were silly and "just one more step in my morning makeup routine". But a translucent powder can be really helpful to girls with oily skin, because it keeps your face looking fresh and bright all day. It's especially helpful during the summer heat, as it keeps you from sweating your pretty little face. Find a bright powder that can also double as highlighting.

3. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder: Honestly, I've never died my hair. I'm too much of a chicken. I am the girl that will cry in the salon chair if you do something to my hair that I don't dub acceptable. I've wanted to change things up for awhile, but first I wanted to try something a little less permanent. This product is about as low maintenance as it gets. You spray it on your damp hair after the shower, from root to tip or however you wish, and then activate the results through the heat of blow drying or other styling tools. People who I see everyday will stop mid sentence and ask if I died my hair the night before; its that great. Now I had some 3 year old highlights to work with, and the spray enhances what you've already got going on. But the more you use it, it works on even my dark roots. 

4. Clear, Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Over the past year, I have really gotten into having healthy hair. I like to keep it long, and majority of the year I'm blow drying, straightening, curling and hammering it with hairspray. First I became I convert of the infrequent washing, and I swear by it, even more so if you have long hair. Washing my hair every 4-7 days has given my hair a new life. It's softer and full of life, and no where close to the frizzy, greasy head of hair I once had. What it could not solve, was my try scalp. Cue the miracle shampoo! It smells great, is super lightweight, and makes my hair extra fluffy and manageable in the summer sun, no matter the style.

5. elf Eyelid Primer in Neutral: Whether you're an eyeliner or eyeshadow girl, or even no eye makeup at all, I cannot stress enough how amazing this is! I use it somewhat as a primer, but mostly as a brightener. Apply to the lid to save your shadow from creasing, the inner corner to look like you just came from the beach, and under eyes to hide the circles from what you've really been doing this summer.

6. NYX Eye Shadow Palette: Like I said, I have a need to mix things up. I've been rocking the winged eyeliner look for sooome time now. And then one day I looked at a photo of myself and said "WHERE DID MY EYES GO?!" So bring in the eye shadow. I like any shade in a light grey, duty brown or other shimmery neautral. It's so summer beach bum glam, I'm obsessed.

This post was not sponsored by any of the above brands, I just honestly love them.

July 7, 2014

Paisley Party

I, am on a mission. A mission, for sleeves. One day I just took a look at my exploding closet and realized that an overkill in sleeveless blouses and dresses was all of a sudden very unappealing to me. And thus the great summer sleeve search commenced. And let me tell you, it's not an easy task! But I can't deny that adding a sleeve to a nice blouse or a buttoned up workwear dress adds instant polish and uniqueness. I've actually forbade myself from buying anymore blouse, tees or dresses sans-sleeves. I take my shopping pacts very seriously guys. I found this piece of perfection ridiculously on sale at ASOS. Sadly it's recently sold out, but they have so many other wonderfully-sleeved options your sadness will soon pass. 

Paisley Blouse Dress, ASOS // Earrings, H&M // Tote, Dillards // Heels, Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack

June 19, 2014

Olive You A Lot

As summer creeps in, my style strips down into really simple pieces. Too many layers just gets annoying when you're stifled in sweat at the end of the day. So I've been gravitating to a simple top and bottom in soft fabrics that  keeps me cozy at my desk. Green is by far my favorite color, and as it tends to go, is also seriously lacking in my closet. For some reason I've never thought to pair this military olive with a bold emerald before, and I am definitely loving the mix of masculine and feminine. These strappy shoes are getting some serious wear lately too as they fit like a glove and have a stellar chunky heel.

When in doubt, throw your hair in a high pony and put on a pencil skirt. Instant power.

Blouse, Macy's (old) // Lace Skirt, Target // Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters // Pendant, Target // Purse, Steve Madden // Heels, DSW