December 3, 2013


 // Blue beaded dress (ASOS), Cardigan (Express), Booties (DSW) //

How is it DECEMBER already??? I can't deal. November is my favorite ever, which is probably why you didn't get any posts from me: I've been out, living my life. Shocking, I know. Between concerts, events, work, school, and all the unexpected things life threw at me....I think this is the first time I've sat down. And then of course, my birthday! I am completely obsessed with mu birthday dress. After stalking it on ASOS for months, it fiiiiinally went on sale. If I could paint my entire life cobalt blue, I would. The sweetheart neckline is covered in delicate beaded flowers, which made me feel like a sparkly princess. In all honesty, I still have it hanging on my bedroom door for easy access staring. My friends are pretty darn adorable as well. We all went out to dinner, and everyone got to see my apartment for the first time.

Stay tuned for an apartment post coming soon!

OXXO, Madison

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