September 7, 2013

Skullz For Dayz

When I was a kid, skulls were scary. It was the time of goth, when Hot Topic was a place to buy black lipstick, not Disney princess sweatshirts. We weren't even allowed to wear skulls to school, afraid we would all turn into little metal head monsters. My mom use to always pick things out for me without even realizing skulls were on it, which was followed by an obligatory whine

I tell you all this hoopla.....because I am now hooked on skulls. I buy them everywhere I go. I found this bad boy in the mens section, because we all know by now, they have the best, cheap graphic tees. But my favorite thing, is pairing them with something softer and girly. Like some Forever 21 peach jeans and neon jewels. So 90s kids, fear skulls no more. You won't turn into the scary kid in 6th grade who sat in the back glaring at life. 

I promise. 

// Skull Tank and Neon Earrings, H&M // Peach Skinnys, F21 // Sandles, Steve Madden // Jeweled Cuff, Anthro // Oversized Mens Watch, ZooYork via Kohls //

OXXO, Madison