September 25, 2013

Maxi Skirt Style

// Denim Shirt (Jcp), Black Mermaid Maxi Skirt (Macys), Lace up Sandal (MIA), Earrings (F21), Gold Cuff (Anthropologie), Spike Bracelet (Nordstrom Rack) //


It's fall y'all! And what does that mean?? means its still 90 degrees in Dallas. Not exactly the boot and scarf weather we've been hoping for. But we will for sure take what we can get. 
I'm a total maxi skirt enthusiast. It's super slimming and flattering on any body type, can easily be dressed up or down, and easily transitions throughout the seasons. (It's also great when you need to look cute, without shaving your legs. Just a suggestion.) For this particular evening, I kept it simple for some glam shots (stay tuned for a beauty post with some of my makeup must-haves) and a night in Dallas at church. The denim sleeveless is probably my favorite piece from the summer, and I can't wait to pair with cardigans and layering for fall. If you find yourself questioning how to wear a maxi skirt in new ways, some of my go-to's are: with a chucky sweater and boots, a sporty sweatshirt or tee with a blingy necklace, or with a statement blazer and killer heels. The maxi skirt, is your friend.

Don't fill up on pumpkin spice lattes before September ends ladies. 

OXXO, Madison

September 15, 2013


Is it fall yet? No. Do I care about what I wear right now? Not really. 

So when school and life are kicking your butt, here are some tips on mixing some of your fall favorites into your never-ending summer wardrobe, in order to come across as "effortlessly fashionable when really just wearing clothes in general is a lot of effort and is the day over yet because I just really want to sleeppp"

1). Find yourself a kimono. I literally want to wear it every single day of my life. Little black dress? Leggings and boots? Skinny jeans and heels? Done, done, and done.

2). A good black tee goes along way and makes you look skinny on your fattest day.

3). Grab your short combat boots and trample out the remaining sunshine of summer. The season has become stifling. 

4). Wear your favorite pair of shorts for one last time. White after Labor Day? Who cares really. Relax people.

5). Throw on an oversized cross for that hipster kid touch.

Tadaaaaaaaa... Happy "It's Still Not Fall in Texas" Party People. 

// Kimono and Necklace (F21), Black V-Neck and White Shorts (Target), Jewel Cuff (BCBG via Macys), Gray Boots (Guess via DSW) //

OXXO, Madison

September 7, 2013

Skullz For Dayz

When I was a kid, skulls were scary. It was the time of goth, when Hot Topic was a place to buy black lipstick, not Disney princess sweatshirts. We weren't even allowed to wear skulls to school, afraid we would all turn into little metal head monsters. My mom use to always pick things out for me without even realizing skulls were on it, which was followed by an obligatory whine

I tell you all this hoopla.....because I am now hooked on skulls. I buy them everywhere I go. I found this bad boy in the mens section, because we all know by now, they have the best, cheap graphic tees. But my favorite thing, is pairing them with something softer and girly. Like some Forever 21 peach jeans and neon jewels. So 90s kids, fear skulls no more. You won't turn into the scary kid in 6th grade who sat in the back glaring at life. 

I promise. 

// Skull Tank and Neon Earrings, H&M // Peach Skinnys, F21 // Sandles, Steve Madden // Jeweled Cuff, Anthro // Oversized Mens Watch, ZooYork via Kohls //

OXXO, Madison