August 24, 2013

If You Can't Stand the Heat... Stay Inside All Summer and Revamp Your Blog

That's how the saying goes, right?

I'm just going to skip all the long time no see exchanges and cut right to chase... Summer in Dallas is like living inside an oven. There's no better way to describe the suffocating heat that envelops our every day, leaving even the most fabulous fashionista scurrying into the shadows of air conditioning and trading in normal style standards for shorts and sandals. And I don't know about my fellow Dallasites, but a girl can only make a "shorts centered" ensemble so cute and trendy. Am I right? Regardless, I'm over it. So in order to prove I didn't live on my couch all summer, here's a little Insta' recap for ya. 

Summer was filled with the usual mix of craftiness and designing, family adventures, food on food on food, shopping selfies, and time with my favorite friends. But for me summer always represents some sort of change. A shift within myself, my surroundings, my normal. Lots of things are changing for me, and this is only the beginning. Change is not always fun, but it excites me non the less. So what better way to reflect my life changes than to reflect change onto the blog.

Like what you see? Take some time to explore. 
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What does summer mean to you? Let's explore together. 
OXXO, Madison