July 11, 2013

Summer Savings

// Earrings (Lafayette 148), Cut-off Tank (F21), Vest (F21), Jeans (Target), Sandals (Steve Madden) //

STAY INSIDE PEOPLE. It's hot. Like  r e a l l y  hot. And it's only just begun. So what do you do when the thought of frying outside keeps you snuggled on the couch? Online shop of course

Now you know I love a good deal, almost as much as I love sharing it with my friends. My favorite find of recent is Unidays, which overs a variety of discount codes to me and my fellow poor students!

***Sign up with your school email here and start saving!

In the meantime, can someone invent a way for me to tan, on my couch watching Bravo in the air conditioning?

OXXO, Madison