June 14, 2013

Blue Beauty

Long time no see? I know, I've been a bad blogger. But you know what? LIFE IS  C R A Z Y. And ya just gotta deal! 

On this particular 100 degree Dallas day, I was clinging to sanity solely due to the fact that 1) my best friend was in town because 2) we had tickets to see our beloved Mumford & Sons. So we were all geared up, hyped on summertime and sunshine, when we're informed that...........   our concert is postponed. After an hour or two of disbelief and candy consuming, we picked ourselves up. And cried all the way to the mall. 

So I consider this my, "take that Mumford and stifling heat! I will be fabulous in spite". 

// Skirt (Target), Sandals (Steve Madden), T-shirt (Jcp), Necklace (ASOS) //

There Is Beauty In Everything
But Not Everyone Can See It.

OXXO, Madison

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