April 26, 2013

Playing Dress Up Permanently

ME: Peplum Dress (Stein Mart), Mint Earrings and Belt (H&M), Wedges (Steve Madden)
GUSTAVO: Pants and Shirt (Express), Belt (Guess), Jacket (Tom Ford), Shoes (Aldo)

We all reach that age of style transformation. Its typically triggered by something, as significant as a career change or as fleeting as a shift in your evolving self. 

As time passes, I feel myself growing up and maturing in the way I dress myself. Sometimes I look at the blazers in my closet and think is that all I'm destined for in my career? A different day a different blazer is no way to live! 

Dressing should not loose its magic and mystery as our lives progress. To borrow from one of my careers idols Rachel Zoe, getting ready for each day should be like playing dress-up

*Cue the giraffes* #ClassyProblems
......please excuse my ZOEment. 

Now how exciting is that? Whether it's pretending to be a grown up with your best friend (cue Gustavo Herrera) or dressing for something you've never done before. YOU GET TO CHOOSE. What role will you choose today? 

I choose ballerina princess, every time. 

OXXO, Madison

*****************On a siiiiiide note: The world better be ready for this next round of Wade graduates! I can't wait to cheer your anxious selves on at portfolio. All the while celebrating the been-there-done-that-ness of it all. 

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