March 24, 2013


Sunglasses (Image), Color Block Sweater (Nordstrom Rack), Striped Shirt (Old Navy), Necklace (H&M), Pants (Jcp), Boots (Target)

Spring is my least favorite season. I love sunshine, and blue skies, and flowers and florals, and candy Easter, and the rainbow of colors. But here in Dallas, we never really get much Spring. That's what mild winters will do to ya. So Spring is the hardest season to dress for in my opinion. The morning and evenings are chill inducing, and the afternoon sun brings on the years first, dare I say, s w e a t. Not cute, and acts as a dreaded reminder of the heat stroke days of summer ahead. So if you're like me, put on your all black, boots, and sweater and skip away in denial.

If I could wear head-to-toe stripes (on stripes on stripes), I would. This is a combo of all my loves: stripes, black, and studs. My go to for ever and always. 

And the shades, $5. Boom boom shabang. 

OXXO, Madison

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