March 19, 2013

Rock Your Body

Green Leather Jacket (Jcp), Skull Tee (Torrid), Color-blocked Legging (Target), Studded Boots (Matty's via DSW), Spike Earrings (Francesca)

Happy Justin Timberlake Day

If you did not buy his new album from Target today..... get out. 

Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes with me you know my undying love/stalkery obsession for Justin Timberlake that's spanned throughout most of my life. I was the girl that clipped his face out of every magazine and taped it on my door. I had a giant Justin poster (curly haired, diamond studs, and all) in my bedroom. And possibly the best moment of my life was winning tickets to an Nsync concert, 5th row floor at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. He pointed at me during a song. Done. So this new album has basically brought my entire life full circle. 

There's nothing like a little JT that makes you want to throw on your rocker jacket and smoky eye and sing to the strangers in the cars next to you. Just me? Well not only is emerald Pantone's 2013 color pick of the year, but it is also my to-die for favorite color. So this jacket was a steal for just $35 from Jcpennys. And you read it right, this skull is made out of the "We Will Rock You" lyrics. The color-blocked leggings are my favorite go-to and you know that hold Target has on my heart. These studded boots are my treasured babies, and make me feel like I could kick some major butt.

I now see how very ironic it is that I'm literally "holding the wall" in these pics.....

*see The 20/20 Experience for unexplained refrences.

OXXO, Madison

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