March 17, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Tiffany

Earrings, Oversized Sweater, Black Leather Legging, Black Boots (ALL Forever 21)

This is my little other half Tiffany. We've been best friends since before we were born and somewhere in there kinda morphed into our own entity. Its is pretty comical considering we are exactly a foot apart in height, which makes outings and pictures very entertaining. But is also a perfect fashion example: IT DOESNT MATTER YOUR SIZE. Tall and fat, short and skinny, or anywhere in between, you should never look at something in a store and think "I could never pull that off"

Tiffany's style has evolved over the years into something very classy/preppy/girly (which you will see more of in later posts), so leather leggings were not exactly something she would have died for. I grabbed them with an oversized sweater and just kinda snuck them in the lineup. The consensus quickly went to "I hate you because I love everything" and I have a feeling someone would have to fight these away from her.

And we have to state the obvious...F21 FTW. If I was a little bit like Tiffany, I would have a serious problem. Where else can you buy 3 complete outfits for $100?....No seriously. Where?

GIRLS FINALE IS TONIGHT and Tiffany will be on my Omg Mass Text List dying over what we can only assume will be a dramatic season wrap up. But no worries, we won't be ending our Girls series on the blog ;)

*Sings Kanye in a slow Marnie style ballad*

OXXO, Madison

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