March 3, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Taylor

Earrings (H&M), Sequin Tank (Macys), Jacket (H&M), Full-length Legging (ASOS), Platforms (Target), Fearless Bracelet (BCBG)

We are GIRLS.

That's right, its time for another Girls segment. 

This is my bestie boo of 18 years Taylor. We have been through it all together, including each other's closets. She was literally the only friend who was my same size growing up. Not many 5th graders can look eye-to-eye with their teachers. Thus our style has always been very interchangeable. So when Taylor last came to visit me, she went straight to my closet as usual. Playing volleyball at Vassar doesn't exactly allow her many opportunities to fly her inner fashionista flag. What a hard life she is living. So in dressing Taylor I started with a pair of platforms (she's been coveting) and throw on some color to brighten up her Poughkeepsie winter. 

So grab your girlfriends, your besties, and roomies and watch Girls Sundays @ 9 on HBO. And don't worry, just because this season is coming to an end doesn't mean Obvi We're The Ladies will!

Have photo shoot with your besties and bring out your inner goddesses with sun shining faces.

XOXO, Madison

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