March 24, 2013


Sunglasses (Image), Color Block Sweater (Nordstrom Rack), Striped Shirt (Old Navy), Necklace (H&M), Pants (Jcp), Boots (Target)

Spring is my least favorite season. I love sunshine, and blue skies, and flowers and florals, and candy Easter, and the rainbow of colors. But here in Dallas, we never really get much Spring. That's what mild winters will do to ya. So Spring is the hardest season to dress for in my opinion. The morning and evenings are chill inducing, and the afternoon sun brings on the years first, dare I say, s w e a t. Not cute, and acts as a dreaded reminder of the heat stroke days of summer ahead. So if you're like me, put on your all black, boots, and sweater and skip away in denial.

If I could wear head-to-toe stripes (on stripes on stripes), I would. This is a combo of all my loves: stripes, black, and studs. My go to for ever and always. 

And the shades, $5. Boom boom shabang. 

OXXO, Madison

March 19, 2013

Rock Your Body

Green Leather Jacket (Jcp), Skull Tee (Torrid), Color-blocked Legging (Target), Studded Boots (Matty's via DSW), Spike Earrings (Francesca)

Happy Justin Timberlake Day

If you did not buy his new album from Target today..... get out. 

Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes with me you know my undying love/stalkery obsession for Justin Timberlake that's spanned throughout most of my life. I was the girl that clipped his face out of every magazine and taped it on my door. I had a giant Justin poster (curly haired, diamond studs, and all) in my bedroom. And possibly the best moment of my life was winning tickets to an Nsync concert, 5th row floor at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. He pointed at me during a song. Done. So this new album has basically brought my entire life full circle. 

There's nothing like a little JT that makes you want to throw on your rocker jacket and smoky eye and sing to the strangers in the cars next to you. Just me? Well not only is emerald Pantone's 2013 color pick of the year, but it is also my to-die for favorite color. So this jacket was a steal for just $35 from Jcpennys. And you read it right, this skull is made out of the "We Will Rock You" lyrics. The color-blocked leggings are my favorite go-to and you know that hold Target has on my heart. These studded boots are my treasured babies, and make me feel like I could kick some major butt.

I now see how very ironic it is that I'm literally "holding the wall" in these pics.....

*see The 20/20 Experience for unexplained refrences.

OXXO, Madison

March 17, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Tiffany

Earrings, Oversized Sweater, Black Leather Legging, Black Boots (ALL Forever 21)

This is my little other half Tiffany. We've been best friends since before we were born and somewhere in there kinda morphed into our own entity. Its is pretty comical considering we are exactly a foot apart in height, which makes outings and pictures very entertaining. But is also a perfect fashion example: IT DOESNT MATTER YOUR SIZE. Tall and fat, short and skinny, or anywhere in between, you should never look at something in a store and think "I could never pull that off"

Tiffany's style has evolved over the years into something very classy/preppy/girly (which you will see more of in later posts), so leather leggings were not exactly something she would have died for. I grabbed them with an oversized sweater and just kinda snuck them in the lineup. The consensus quickly went to "I hate you because I love everything" and I have a feeling someone would have to fight these away from her.

And we have to state the obvious...F21 FTW. If I was a little bit like Tiffany, I would have a serious problem. Where else can you buy 3 complete outfits for $100?....No seriously. Where?

GIRLS FINALE IS TONIGHT and Tiffany will be on my Omg Mass Text List dying over what we can only assume will be a dramatic season wrap up. But no worries, we won't be ending our Girls series on the blog ;)

*Sings Kanye in a slow Marnie style ballad*

OXXO, Madison

March 11, 2013

From the Blue Door: Put A Crown On It

Fur Vest (Jcp), Knit Sweater (Simply Vera for Kohls), Gunsmoke Stretch Pant (Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack), Boots (Nine West), Assorted Rings (James Avery), Bolo Tie Necklace (BCBG)

What better occasion to bring back the blue door than THIS VESTY VEST. I have been on a Macklemore thrift shop hunt for a fur vest forrrrrrever now. And as my friends know, thrift stores are just not my thing. It brings out all of my annoying pre OCD tendencies: they are super unorganized, they are typically dirty, they contain clothing worn by all sorts of characters with all sorts of lives and all sorts of germs, and they contain lots of strange smells.

With that being said, besides the unique clothing, I've never felt the dire need to go thrifting, because I find unbelievable deals amongst the regular retail. In fact, I live for a good clearance rack as about 85% of my closet is red lined. This ridiculously fab vest fell into my hands via the massive Jcp clearance rack this weekend. Normally $55, it was marked down to $30. I went back and forth on whether or not to buy it or eat food during the week etc. etc. the usual. So I bite the bullet and low and behold it rings up for THIRTEEN DOLLARS! Like, what?! Excuse me? No. That's practically stealing. So for anyone hatin on the still struggling Jcpennys, I swear that if they go out of business, I will find you. And rub this fur vest in your smug faces.

This week is going to be a killer for me. Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up in bed and live stream the new JT album all day (see: What Madison Did Today Instead of Her Homework). So this vest served as my fashionable security stuffed animal.

People look at you less weird when you're hugging yourself while wearing fur.

And a little crown made of braids never hurt a girl.

OXXO, Madison

PS: Some exciting news coming later this week! Stay tuned...

March 3, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Taylor

Earrings (H&M), Sequin Tank (Macys), Jacket (H&M), Full-length Legging (ASOS), Platforms (Target), Fearless Bracelet (BCBG)

We are GIRLS.

That's right, its time for another Girls segment. 

This is my bestie boo of 18 years Taylor. We have been through it all together, including each other's closets. She was literally the only friend who was my same size growing up. Not many 5th graders can look eye-to-eye with their teachers. Thus our style has always been very interchangeable. So when Taylor last came to visit me, she went straight to my closet as usual. Playing volleyball at Vassar doesn't exactly allow her many opportunities to fly her inner fashionista flag. What a hard life she is living. So in dressing Taylor I started with a pair of platforms (she's been coveting) and throw on some color to brighten up her Poughkeepsie winter. 

So grab your girlfriends, your besties, and roomies and watch Girls Sundays @ 9 on HBO. And don't worry, just because this season is coming to an end doesn't mean Obvi We're The Ladies will!

Have photo shoot with your besties and bring out your inner goddesses with sun shining faces.

XOXO, Madison