February 26, 2013

Pink, Pleated, and Polished

Earrings (BLK), Button Down (Target), Midi Skirt (JCP), Boot Wedges (Target)

Lately I just feel like I have entered a new phase of my life. I've started my Bachelor's program and night classes (which is cray inducing) and with that comes finding and internship and taking some tentative first steps into my big girl panties. And with comes a certain style twist, even just ever so slightly. I have never been and will never be a slacks and blazer girl. I have been a giantess my whole life and me and pants that don't have a stretchy waist band, have never hit it off. It is dang near IMPOSSIBLE to find slacks with an XL inseam, trust me and save yourself the trouble. So with that, I opt the dress/legging and blazer/twirly skirt route.

Some people often claim to be ballin on a budget, with a savings account containing a years rent. *Flips hair and eats Baked Lays and cheese for dinner* So when I'm craving a little fashion therapy, I see visions of Target and (the new and improved) JCPennys in my head.... Speaking of, seen the new teaser ads? Consider me there, empty wallet and all.

Twirlin' my way to success y'allllll.

XOXO, Madison

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