February 6, 2013

Frozen Floral

Sweater (Target), Brocade Denim (Kohls), Boots (DSW), Necklace (Lucky Brand)

I am BEYOND sad to see the chilly days of our wintery month pass. From now on wearing sweaters won't be out of necessity, but purely fashion stubbornness. 

New Years Resolutions to me, are just things that we should already be striving for from day to day. So I came up some personal style goals to challenge myself. One of which was to where more monochromatic outfits, and one being to wear more blue! BOOM. Check it off the list in one. Do you ever look in your closet and find a sea of very same colors? It's not like you have anything against these other colors, they don't usually deserve such ill treatment. They just somehow slip through the cracks! Well my blue banishment is officially lifted.

What are some of your Fashion Resolutions?

Step outside your color safe zone, you will presently suprised.

Don't mind me, going to go live in my brocade denim forever now.

XOXO, Madison

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