February 12, 2013

Forever Fun

Purple Booties (DSW), Leather Skirt (Target), Jacket (Lauren Conrad for Kohls), Ear Bling (F21), Concert Tee (ournameisfun.com)

In case you weren't aware, this is going to be a great year of music. If you don't care about life and somehow missed the Grammy's, allow me to catch you up: Katy Perry has boobs, LL Cool J talks a lot, Adele is still a fairy princess, the world of twitter needs a Jack White music lesson, Justin Timberlake is KING OF ALL, and Fun. are on top of the worrrrld. I have been a big 'ol Fun. lover since the release of their very first single back in the day and have been belting them out in my car ever since. Not to mention jumping up and down with a couple hundred other overly excited people last spring at by far one of the BEST concerts of my life... which is why my best friend immediately got us tickets for this years show (BOOM). Consider this outfit my own personal celebration of their success.

Here in Dallas, people don't really get "dressed" up. There's just no occasion worth getting out of jeans for some people. I am NOT one of those people. So I find excuses to get all dolled up, even if it is just going out to dinner with the rooms. Strolling around town and out-fabbing everyone is pretty much our favorite past time. 

If you want some super fab Fun. gear of your own, or want to join in on their upcoming tour madness, you can clickity-click on over to ournameisfun.com

Be an explosion of color this week.

XOXO, Madison

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