January 31, 2013

We Are Golden

Printed Denim (Seven), Pink Sheer Top (Macys), Smiley Top (Target), Earrings (H&M)

Things have been going... really great lately. Portfolio, done! Last class, over with! And graduation is HERE! Now, I may only have two weeks before going back for my Bachelors program, but all of that goodness is cause for celebration in my eyes. So for my last day of class I decided to go out in a golden, glittery, smiley....way. 

When I saw this sparkly smile tee, my inner 90s kid (who had an extensive sticker collection and Lisa Frank obsession) came to surface. Its a very strange thing to see the trends of your childhood recirculate to present day. But I love it. The shirt is also a crop top, which adds great versatility, as well as some Hit Me Baby One More Time era nostalgia. The gold pants... not gonna lie, are a struggle for me as they demand a certain attention. But in the end, they require no explanation. They are just plain fabulous. I can't even.

Congratulations to all my classmates! Our own little dysfunctional family for life.

Curious about my portfolio? I thought so! Stalk it here... http://www.wadecollege.edu/index.php?mact=Album,m56d9d,default,1&m56d9dalbumid=80&m56d9dreturnid=77&page=77

"We are not what you think we are, we are golden. We are golden."

XOXO, Madison

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