January 27, 2013

Simply Sully

                                  Sweater (H&M), Pants (Seven), Boots (Nordstrom Rack), Earrings (Cotton Island)

This has been, a really strange winter here Dtown. We go from freezing snow, to 75 and sunny in less than 24 hours. Back and forth and back and forth. So needless to say, our wintery wardrobe days are numbered. And the second I see a day approaching below 40, I break out all the heavy knit and fur I possess. But fashionista be warned, wearing fur is like wearing a giant "pet me like a small kitten" sign. And hissing at people...not a good idea. 

I picked up this furry beauty during my H&M spree in the big city back in October. It had a certain monster quality that I liked, very Sully via Monsters Inc. And who could resist that? This outfit is simple really, a take on all black with an added punch, a comfortable way of "pretending to be chic". Something we all need in the midst of friends and school and work and life

Top it all off with a fashion top knot (aka "I dont feel like dealing with my hair all day") and my absolute FAV oversized cross earrings which add an oh so hipster skip in my step. 

Don't be afraid to embrace your inner monster.

XOXO, Madison


  1. You look gorgeous! And I love the hair--you'll have to show me how to do that sometime! :) Miss you!


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