January 12, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Makayla

 Skirt (Jcp), Lace Tee (Cotton On), Blouse (Thrift), Earrings (Lucky Brand), Boots (Urban Outfitters)


Confession time: I am obsessed with HBO's Girls. Lena Dunham is brilliant, and perfect in every way, and living my life, and I hate her. But only because I love her too much. In case you are not living a complete life, aka not watching Girls, here's the dish: 4, 20-something girls, living together in the city, making mistakes, looking for something they are unsure of, and trying to become who they are meant to be. Oh, and eating cupcakes. Can't leave that out.

So in leu of the Season 2 premier of Girls, I am introducing a new series on the blog. This will be a look at some of my girls, styled against their will. Just kidding, they love be because obvi we're the ladies

This goddess is the one and only roomie love! Makayla was forced to fall in love with Girls, basically because there is no other choice in life. Styling her is often a daily routine in our little nest. I mean, who can resist that hair? No one. She also claims Jessa as her spirit animal. So in pulling together her outfit, I wanted something a little edgier than she normally goes. Something to push her out of her comfort zone, and more into the rawness and ease that is Jessa Jameson. The key here is layers layers layers. Don't be afraid to throw on somethings that you have never worn together before. Take risks with your clothing, it's something I have to work on myself.

Try going in your girlfriends' closests, and putting outfits together for eachother. You will be surprised what your friends want to bring out of you. But more importantly, grab your ladies (and some cupcakes), and tune in to Girls Sundays @ 9 on HBO. And stay tuned for more of the ladies in my life who fill my heart with Coldplay songs.

XOXO, Madison

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