January 31, 2013

We Are Golden

Printed Denim (Seven), Pink Sheer Top (Macys), Smiley Top (Target), Earrings (H&M)

Things have been going... really great lately. Portfolio, done! Last class, over with! And graduation is HERE! Now, I may only have two weeks before going back for my Bachelors program, but all of that goodness is cause for celebration in my eyes. So for my last day of class I decided to go out in a golden, glittery, smiley....way. 

When I saw this sparkly smile tee, my inner 90s kid (who had an extensive sticker collection and Lisa Frank obsession) came to surface. Its a very strange thing to see the trends of your childhood recirculate to present day. But I love it. The shirt is also a crop top, which adds great versatility, as well as some Hit Me Baby One More Time era nostalgia. The gold pants... not gonna lie, are a struggle for me as they demand a certain attention. But in the end, they require no explanation. They are just plain fabulous. I can't even.

Congratulations to all my classmates! Our own little dysfunctional family for life.

Curious about my portfolio? I thought so! Stalk it here... http://www.wadecollege.edu/index.php?mact=Album,m56d9d,default,1&m56d9dalbumid=80&m56d9dreturnid=77&page=77

"We are not what you think we are, we are golden. We are golden."

XOXO, Madison

January 27, 2013

Simply Sully

                                  Sweater (H&M), Pants (Seven), Boots (Nordstrom Rack), Earrings (Cotton Island)

This has been, a really strange winter here Dtown. We go from freezing snow, to 75 and sunny in less than 24 hours. Back and forth and back and forth. So needless to say, our wintery wardrobe days are numbered. And the second I see a day approaching below 40, I break out all the heavy knit and fur I possess. But fashionista be warned, wearing fur is like wearing a giant "pet me like a small kitten" sign. And hissing at people...not a good idea. 

I picked up this furry beauty during my H&M spree in the big city back in October. It had a certain monster quality that I liked, very Sully via Monsters Inc. And who could resist that? This outfit is simple really, a take on all black with an added punch, a comfortable way of "pretending to be chic". Something we all need in the midst of friends and school and work and life

Top it all off with a fashion top knot (aka "I dont feel like dealing with my hair all day") and my absolute FAV oversized cross earrings which add an oh so hipster skip in my step. 

Don't be afraid to embrace your inner monster.

XOXO, Madison

January 12, 2013

Obvi We're The Ladies: Makayla

 Skirt (Jcp), Lace Tee (Cotton On), Blouse (Thrift), Earrings (Lucky Brand), Boots (Urban Outfitters)


Confession time: I am obsessed with HBO's Girls. Lena Dunham is brilliant, and perfect in every way, and living my life, and I hate her. But only because I love her too much. In case you are not living a complete life, aka not watching Girls, here's the dish: 4, 20-something girls, living together in the city, making mistakes, looking for something they are unsure of, and trying to become who they are meant to be. Oh, and eating cupcakes. Can't leave that out.

So in leu of the Season 2 premier of Girls, I am introducing a new series on the blog. This will be a look at some of my girls, styled against their will. Just kidding, they love be because obvi we're the ladies

This goddess is the one and only roomie love! Makayla was forced to fall in love with Girls, basically because there is no other choice in life. Styling her is often a daily routine in our little nest. I mean, who can resist that hair? No one. She also claims Jessa as her spirit animal. So in pulling together her outfit, I wanted something a little edgier than she normally goes. Something to push her out of her comfort zone, and more into the rawness and ease that is Jessa Jameson. The key here is layers layers layers. Don't be afraid to throw on somethings that you have never worn together before. Take risks with your clothing, it's something I have to work on myself.

Try going in your girlfriends' closests, and putting outfits together for eachother. You will be surprised what your friends want to bring out of you. But more importantly, grab your ladies (and some cupcakes), and tune in to Girls Sundays @ 9 on HBO. And stay tuned for more of the ladies in my life who fill my heart with Coldplay songs.

XOXO, Madison

January 6, 2013

From the Blue Door: Life of Color

                                     Satchel (Nordstrom Rack), Sweater (H&M), Pants (Jcp), Shoes (Target)

Life. Is. CRAZY. Nothing like stating the obvious, right? Sooo Christmas happened, along with New Years, snow, and friends home from college. On top of everything else, I'm also preparing to present my portfolio at school.... brb, dying. So in homage to my soon to be submitted "Color Blast" portfolio, greetings from the blue door.

Not only is this my favorite (secret) place to shoot, it complemented this particular outfit. The legging pant has been a savior of mine recently. Its soft, its stretchy, and with pockets and a zipper, it is my way of justifying the forbidden "leggings are not pants" struggle. And not that I am in need of the extra height the racing stripe alludes, the look definitely added an extra shimmy strut sashay. This sweater was a steal for $20 at H&M, and actually fits thanks to the front silky panel. I was immediately drawn to this look of faux hand painted fabric. Consider this outfit, a new way to do "all black". I am a self proclaimed purse collector, and lately I have been on a major satchel kick. This bright red-orange was unlike any color I have ever seen outside of a Crayola box, and was a lovely self picked/mom paid for 20th birthday present.

On a beauty note... This bun has become quite infamous among my friends. I can feel the slight eye roll when I where this out with someone, because it has become a fact that someone at some point will comment on it. I've even been followed, in a mall, stopped, and asked to "crouch down" for observation. Needless to say, I have become quite the advocate for the bun donut. $3 from Claire's or H&M, this spongy-like donut rolls onto your ponytail and grips your hair for that smooth look that lasts all day and without bobby pins! I kid you not. I've tried it all, and this works.

Now go, get your bun donut on. And live a life of color.

XO, Madison