November 8, 2012

New York City Streets

I've been putting off this post, because even now as I upload these pictures, it doesn't seem real. I got accepted to Teen Vogue's Fashion U? And I went to New York City for the first time? All by myself? For (almost) free? What?

So let's rewind. This past summer, I decided to go out on a limb and apply to the annual TVFU. I figured, I would never get in. I mean lets be real. And when I found out, THAT I GOT IN... I thought welp, that's never going to happen! I'm an unemployed college student burying myself in loans. So imagine my surprise when my school (Wade College), Fashion Group International, Heidi Dillon and The Fashionista's offered their sponsorship!! One of the best, most overwhelming days of my life.

So I set off to NYC, for the first time, and all by myself. In a matter of 4 days, I went to Times Square, Hells Kitchen, Empire State building, Columbia, The Met, The Moma (where I saw Starry Night and cried because my heart was so happy), The International Museum of Photography The Guggenheim, Central Park, Rock Center, Madison Avenue (my namesake via the 80's movie "Splash"), Strand Bookstore, Soho, caught taxi's, rode the subway, had a private shopping event at H&M, a shopping event at Topshop, The Teen Vogue offices, and heard from Grace Coddington, Olivier Theyskins, Phillip Lim, Nicole Richie, Amy Astley and the Teen Vogue Editors. SO. MUCH. AMAZINGNESS. I could go on for days. But simply said, it was life changing. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite moments.

In other news, I TURN 20 IN 1 HOUR! So leave me some positivity in love in my comments, and stay tuned for a birthday post this weekend!

In true Gossip Girl fashion...

XOXO, Madison


  1. Looks like an incredible trip! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet!! :)

  2. Congrats for that What exactly is the Teen Vogue fashion U? And how did you got that trip sponsored? Hope you had so much fun there!! :)

    1. Thanks Tanii! I had the trip of a lifetime. Teen Vogue Fashion U is an annual event that brings together fashion loving students from all over the world to experience the city, attend shopping events, tours, and hear from some of the leading professionals in the industry. I was able to get the trip sponsored through my wonderful college and other Dallas based fashion groups.

      Thanks for the support!