September 8, 2012

Your Resident BFG

Well hello lovelies! Looking for some delightful images of giraffes in the latest fashion jewelry? WOOPS. Guess you'll just have to settle for me. I'm simply Madison: a Dallas girl forever, a scared soon-to-be 20 year old, a fashion student, a fast talker, and a constant shopper. I also happen to be an unexaggerated 6'2, so consider me your resident BFG (big friendly giant, obviously). My life has always been consumed by fashion. Some of my earliest memories are picking out my parents' outfits for work, and crying in my room because I couldn't find "anything to wear" to preschool. Blogging on the other hand, is completely new to me! So bear with me as I stumble through formats and try to hone in my voice.

Giraffes and Jewels is going to evolve into a personal style and lifestyle blog. That means everything from countless selfies (apologies in advance), current trends, and a look into the life of myself and my (almost) always stylish friends in the city.

Out of all the magazines, tv shows, and websites I have come across, I have never seen someone like me. I am not a model, I am not an emerging designer, I am not on an unlimited budget, and I am not oozing confidence and self assurance. And I think, that there are a lot of you in the same boat. So all aboard! And come sail away with me...? No? I'll just stick to (attempting) to look cute.

     Lace Tee (Target, old), Skirt and Belt (Elle for Kohls), Combat boots (Target), Necklace (Stein Mart), Fearless and Tough bracelet (BCBG), Watch (Fossil)

There is no outfit that better describes me at this moment. All summer and early fall, skirts have been my go to: in order to avoid death from heatstroke and also because they are so twirly, of course. Grass green is my all time favorite color and is always in style. Blame it on the fashion school lifestyle, or my mother's influence, but I possess an unnatural amount of black clothing...I don't want to talk about. But lace and I are great friends. And black lace? No further explanation needed. I have lusted over Dr Martens paten leather combat boots FOR YEARS Y'ALL. So imagine how hard I fan girled out when I saw these puppies in Target's fall lineup. I have to limit myself to one wear a week. Its a problem.

This outfit also happens to be part of my application to attend Teen Vogue's Fashion U. I was unbelievably excited to be accepted, and even more so when people like The Fashionista's and FGI offered to sponsor me! So this week I will be setting foot in the Big Apple for the first time...Cross your fingers for me. And stay tuned for an NYC recap.

Thank you all in advance for the support,

XO Madison