December 7, 2012

An Inner Winter

Tribal Scarf (Target), Jeans (Hudsons), Boots (Crown Vintage), Earrings (Stein Mart)

Oh, I'm sorry? Is it December? I couldn't hear you over the SUNSHINE. Our first week of December here in Dallas has felt more like summer, than winter. With 80 degree days, what's a girl to wear?! Chunky sweaters and cardigans are clearly not an option, but throw on a tank top and shorts and you will get some looks! This time of year also happens to be hell the most stressful time of the year for us college goers. Horrid finals, late nights, projects, and cram sessions, and in the case of fashion school students...PORTFOLIO PREP. So take a frustrated fashionista + stress + sunshine = a cute way to do casual. Now don't get me wrong, I love my sweats as much as the next couch bum, but there is no reason to feel AND look frumpy! A comfy yet stylish outfit does wonders for a girl's mood. These jeans are my new obsession. They were a steal at Macy's for just $25 on sale, and they fit and feel like a dream. As soft as any pair of baggy sweats! Everyone needs a classic white tee, perfect for pairing with a blazer or graphic scarf to add a blast of color. I think a moment of silence is needed to really take in these boots... They are my everything!!! Maybe it's the Pocahontas left in me, put I am a sucker for anything fringe. Once November hits, I am all boots, all the time. These add a perfect cold weather feel to literally any outfit, and they make swooshy sounds when you walk. Total win/win. 

So in the midst of stress filled days, show yourself the respect you deserve by looking good, and feeling good in return. Good luck on finals y'all! Take a nap, don't kill your family when you get home, and take some time to enjoy a stroll in the sunshine. 

Dress for success.

XO, Madison

November 16, 2012

"I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 20, tooooo"


                      Blouse (Nordstrom Rack), Sequin Leggings (ASOS), Wedge Hightops (Dorothy Perkins), Earrings (Kohls)

                     Leather Shirt and Polka Dot Skirt (JCP), Wedges (Steve Madden), Dream Bracelet (Bday Gift from Gustavo)

ITS OFFICIAL! I survived my first week of being 20. My birthday is by far, my favorite holiday. IAnd because my birthday was on a Friday, it was the perfect excuse to have a week (yes, a week) full of friends, shopping, eating out, and presents. And I have to say, I am one lucky gal. My roomie completely trashed decorated our apartment with balloons and streamers galore, I had the fanciest birthday cake I've ever had the privilege of eating, and I got some pretty spectacular gifts (including bracelets on bracelets, and 90s kids cd's).

The first outfit was my "school birthday" outfit on Thursday, since I don't have Friday classes. I was just waiting for the perfect chance to bust out these leggings. A bit of a birthday present to myself. But really, aren't they fabulous? CLEARANCE Y'ALL.

The next pics are my actual birthday outfit; had to breakout something a little.... Adult? Twirly? Special? Leather-y? Yup. Needless to say I freaked over this leather sleeved emerald green shirt at JCP for under $20!! And nothing makes a more perfect backdrop than my balloon filled doorway.

Despite all the birthday magic, this year had a different undertone than the rest. 20 (or grandma status according to all my friends....thanks guys) just has a certain weight to it. No longer a teenager, I am truly an adult now. Which just means that the real world is getting that much closer. Its something I still have very mixed feelings about. So I guess its time to start moving my life in the direction of my choosing.


XO, Madison

November 8, 2012

New York City Streets

I've been putting off this post, because even now as I upload these pictures, it doesn't seem real. I got accepted to Teen Vogue's Fashion U? And I went to New York City for the first time? All by myself? For (almost) free? What?

So let's rewind. This past summer, I decided to go out on a limb and apply to the annual TVFU. I figured, I would never get in. I mean lets be real. And when I found out, THAT I GOT IN... I thought welp, that's never going to happen! I'm an unemployed college student burying myself in loans. So imagine my surprise when my school (Wade College), Fashion Group International, Heidi Dillon and The Fashionista's offered their sponsorship!! One of the best, most overwhelming days of my life.

So I set off to NYC, for the first time, and all by myself. In a matter of 4 days, I went to Times Square, Hells Kitchen, Empire State building, Columbia, The Met, The Moma (where I saw Starry Night and cried because my heart was so happy), The International Museum of Photography The Guggenheim, Central Park, Rock Center, Madison Avenue (my namesake via the 80's movie "Splash"), Strand Bookstore, Soho, caught taxi's, rode the subway, had a private shopping event at H&M, a shopping event at Topshop, The Teen Vogue offices, and heard from Grace Coddington, Olivier Theyskins, Phillip Lim, Nicole Richie, Amy Astley and the Teen Vogue Editors. SO. MUCH. AMAZINGNESS. I could go on for days. But simply said, it was life changing. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite moments.

In other news, I TURN 20 IN 1 HOUR! So leave me some positivity in love in my comments, and stay tuned for a birthday post this weekend!

In true Gossip Girl fashion...

XOXO, Madison

November 5, 2012

Some Leftover Treats

Better late than never right? Why not give you all something to look at while munching on that leftover stash of Halloween candy. Please tell me I'm not alone....

Ok, so I'm just going to say it...THIS IS A NO SLUT ZONE. When did Halloween become wearing underwear out in public? I think I'll pass. Instead, I took the opportunity to team up with my main man Gustavo and take on the fashion couple who keeps bringing ittttt. Consider us the white Kimye. Now these are some pretty tight leather pants to fill, but with very little planning we did *super cute* job, worthy of 2nd place at our school's costume competition in case you were wondering...

     Kardashian Lashes (Ulta), Sunnies (Charming Charlies), Shirt (Borrowed), Jean Vest (Old Navy), Leather Leggings (Target), High Top Wedges (Dorothy Perkins)

I had SO MUCH FUN with this look. Kim K has really honed in her style, and by that I mean, Kanye has really honed in her style. They tend to keep it very street chic, which is a very accessible style to duplicate! I chose to bust out the leather leggings, which are now one of my favorite pieces in my closest (which I bought on clearance, FTW). My roommate went to see Watch the Throne last year and was kind enough to lend me her concert tee with a giant Kanye face across the front. The denim vest is a prized item, as I spent all summer searching for it along with the wedge high tops! The high tops are a great way to add some edge to leggings or a flirty dress, and always make me feel a little 90s (always a plus). I kept the hair simple in Kim's new fav do, the top knot, which I put a darker hair piece over to make it more legit. And I must say, I was pretty proud of my makeup! A classic Kim Kat Eye finished off the look along with some huge fake eyelashes which I am now obsessed with.

Be fearless and add a little Kimye to your fall wardrobe. And stay tuned for many upcoming posts, including a New York City Teen Vogue Fashion U recap, and after Friday the 9th, special birthday post!

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Keep it classy,

XO, Madison

September 8, 2012

Your Resident BFG

Well hello lovelies! Looking for some delightful images of giraffes in the latest fashion jewelry? WOOPS. Guess you'll just have to settle for me. I'm simply Madison: a Dallas girl forever, a scared soon-to-be 20 year old, a fashion student, a fast talker, and a constant shopper. I also happen to be an unexaggerated 6'2, so consider me your resident BFG (big friendly giant, obviously). My life has always been consumed by fashion. Some of my earliest memories are picking out my parents' outfits for work, and crying in my room because I couldn't find "anything to wear" to preschool. Blogging on the other hand, is completely new to me! So bear with me as I stumble through formats and try to hone in my voice.

Giraffes and Jewels is going to evolve into a personal style and lifestyle blog. That means everything from countless selfies (apologies in advance), current trends, and a look into the life of myself and my (almost) always stylish friends in the city.

Out of all the magazines, tv shows, and websites I have come across, I have never seen someone like me. I am not a model, I am not an emerging designer, I am not on an unlimited budget, and I am not oozing confidence and self assurance. And I think, that there are a lot of you in the same boat. So all aboard! And come sail away with me...? No? I'll just stick to (attempting) to look cute.

     Lace Tee (Target, old), Skirt and Belt (Elle for Kohls), Combat boots (Target), Necklace (Stein Mart), Fearless and Tough bracelet (BCBG), Watch (Fossil)

There is no outfit that better describes me at this moment. All summer and early fall, skirts have been my go to: in order to avoid death from heatstroke and also because they are so twirly, of course. Grass green is my all time favorite color and is always in style. Blame it on the fashion school lifestyle, or my mother's influence, but I possess an unnatural amount of black clothing...I don't want to talk about. But lace and I are great friends. And black lace? No further explanation needed. I have lusted over Dr Martens paten leather combat boots FOR YEARS Y'ALL. So imagine how hard I fan girled out when I saw these puppies in Target's fall lineup. I have to limit myself to one wear a week. Its a problem.

This outfit also happens to be part of my application to attend Teen Vogue's Fashion U. I was unbelievably excited to be accepted, and even more so when people like The Fashionista's and FGI offered to sponsor me! So this week I will be setting foot in the Big Apple for the first time...Cross your fingers for me. And stay tuned for an NYC recap.

Thank you all in advance for the support,

XO Madison